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The boxing drama is the eighth installment in the 'Rocky' franchise and the first to be released theatrically in China.

 Boxing drama Creed II has secured a release date in China, the second-largest movie market in the world. The Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone-starring film will open in China on Jan. 4, 2019, to be distributed by a collaboration between Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures and Chinese distributor JL Vision Film Co.

 The eighth installment in the Rocky film franchise, Creed II is the first to be released theatrically in China. Previous Rocky movies have been available in China via video streaming.

 Although Stallone’s other 1980s blockbuster franchise, the First Blood/Rambo series, has not seen the light of day in China either, his comeback The Expendables series in 2010 was a respectable hit in the country and did better and better with each new installment, accumulating to a combined gross of $142 million.

 Meanwhile, the Chinese audience knows Jordan from Black Panther, which broke $100 million at the Chinese box office earlier this year.

 Creed II reunites Jordan and Stallone as boxer Adonis Creed and his mentor Rocky Balboa, whose relationship was explored in the critically acclaimed Creed. The film reintroduces the character of Ivan Drago, played by Dolph Lundgren, who killed Creed’s father Apollo in Rocky IV. Drago’s son Viktor, played by Florian Munteanu, also makes his debut as Creed’s opponent.

 Opened in November, the sequel has grossed $134 million worldwide to date.