Lionsgate announces 'La La Land’ seventh anniversary China re-release

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Lionsgate said on Monday that Damien Chazelle’s box office hit and multiple Oscar winner La La Land starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone will be re-released in China via JL Film on December 22.

The 2016 musical earned $35m of its $470m global box office from China when it originally opened seven years ago and stands as the highest-grossing original musical.


La La Land won six Academy Awards including best lead actress and best director, three Baftas for best film, lead actress and director, and the top DGA and PGA awards.


The seventh anniversary is of particular significance in China as the number signifies lifelong union.


La La Land continues fast-growing foreign film investor JL Film’s track record after it released The Expendables 4 in China earlier this year.


Wendy Reeds, Lionsgate EVP international sales, said, “La La Land has so many fans across the world, and that’s especially true of China, where audiences have embraced its timeless love story and song-and-dance magic. We’re thrilled that moviegoers can experience it again on the big screen.”


JL Film president Ricky Qi added, “As one of the numerous loyal fans of La La Land in China, I am honoured and proud to be able to re-release this wonderful film. We look forward to bringing La La Land to a large number of Chinese fans.”


China Film Group said, ”La La Land is part of the inaugural series of re-released films under China Film Co. Ltd’s segmented distribution initiative. La La Land holds a special place in the hearts of Chinese audiences. As we celebrate its seventh anniversary with this re-release, we are optimistic about its box office success in China.”


La La Land is currently in its sixth year of touring worldwide and a Broadway musical adaptation is in the works.