Since its establishment 15 years ago, JL Film Entertainment Limited / FG Film Entertainment Limited has accumulated a wealth of experience in purchasing imported films. The company focuses on overseas film copyright transactions and the introduction and distribution of overseas theater films, while also taking into account the development, production, and investment of domestic theater films. It is a comprehensive film company.

The company's overseas partners include, but are not limited to, well-known film and television companies such as Warner Bros., Paramount, Lionsgate, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Our company has currently delivered a large number of high-quality film works to domestic audiences, such as "La La Land", “Expend4bles", “Wrath of Man", "Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen", “La vita è bella", and “Knives Out".

In order to provide partners with high-quality and comprehensive services, the company has a complete evaluation mechanism and strict review standards for the quality of overseas film works, legal cooperation terms, etc. The company also helps to promote the steady growth of the domestic film box office by introducing and distributing high-quality works.




With its professionalism, rigor and innovation, We have become an important force in the Chinese film market. We are not just a film importing company, but also a team that works hand in hand with the world film industry to develop together. By continuously introducing the world's top film works, we provide Chinese audiences with a unique viewing experience, allowing people to appreciate the charm of international films right on their doorstep.



Connecting the world's emotions and delivering the spirit of film.